Five Reasons Marketing a Small Business is Like Playing Football

Marketing a small business is one of the most difficult activities any entrepreneur will face. It’s full of challenges and obstacles that demand preparation, dedication and determination to win the game. It’s just like playing football – success will ultimately be determined by your commitment to win and your desire to compete.

Running a business is a lot like playing an intense game of football. Essentially, both are organized chaos with competitors who aim to prevent you from gain ground and scoring points. In business, you win the game by scoring mores sales than your competitors rather making touchdowns or field goals. The one who become the champion of your industry is the company with the best marketing which attracts the most clients or customers.

here are five key similarities between marketing and football that every business must implement if they want to become champions:


1. Preparation and Planning

Any successful football coach will tell you that preparation and planning is the key to winning. It’s not the will to win, but the willingness to prepare to win that is important. Countless hours go into scouting opponents, developing plays and practicing for specific situations before the game is ever played.

As a business owner, you must also invest the time to research and planning. The only way for you to create competitive advantage is to understand your market, know your competitors, and create a plan that will score consistent sales. This begins with committing to working on your marketing every day. By dedicating an hour each day to marketing your business you’ll create momentum that your competitors can’t stop.

2. Aggressiveness

It’s simple – you can’t compete if you don’t play. Marketing your business demands that you get in the game and take on your toughest competitors. To achieve victory you must be aggressive and execute marketing plays which positions your company as the best choice, lowest risk option to fill a need or solve their problem.

Being aggressive is a positive, go-for-it attitude. It’s not about being out of control and acting recklessly with your marketing dollars. Instead, it’s about being focused and taking action before your competitors have a chance to beat you.

I tell my football players, “Be the hammer, not the nail.” This means you deliver the hit and not take it. During a football game the more aggressive team wins, just like in business.

3. Positioning

Football is a game of exploiting gaps in the defense to advance the ball down the field and across the goal line to score. Marketing your business is the same – you must find a gap in the market that is not being filled with a product or service that people are looking for. When you have an offer which none of your competitors can match you position company as the obvious choice.

You’ll score more sales and become a champion quicker by finding a gap in the market that is currently unfilled and not crowded with competitors. Creating plays which have an easy path to a score is the goal of every football coach. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to score a sale every time you execute a marketing play. Understanding the value and strategy of positioning is the best way to achieve it.

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