The Coaching Ball Revolutionize the Way Kids Learn to Kick a Soccer Ball

Now there is a soccer ball that will guarantee that you will strike a soccer ball low and on target and that will show you where to kick a soccer ball to swerve it or loft it. The Coaching Ball IS soccer’s new training revolution! The Coaching Ball is the soccer ball to improve YOUR technique. Youth Soccer will benefit from the strong training experience that the Coaching Ball provides.

The Coaching Ball guarantees to:

o Help soccer players improve their passing and shooting.

o Ideal for all ages.

o Helps improve accuracy.

o Simple to use.

Dual use as it can be used as a regular soccer ball as well.

The coaching ball is the latest and most effective training aid for soccer players of all ages. Prepare for the next tournament or season with the latest soccer training aid with the Coaching Ball. Developed by a fully qualified British coach, the Coaching Ball helps soccer players to visualize where to make contact with the ball. Used by professional coaches, ข่าวฟุตบอลทั้งหมด PE teachers, grass roots soccer clubs, soccer academies and parents and grandparents across Europe, the simple patented design allows immediate results to be seen.

Improve Soccer Skills

Developed by a fully qualified British coach, the Coaching Ball helps soccer players to visualize where to make contact with the soccer ball. This simple but highly effective technique lays a solid foundation that gives all children an equal chance of realizing their soccer potential. The “Coaching Ball” has been developed to give budding soccer stars a head start. A unique product, the Coaching Ball enables young soccer players to sharpen their skills from the moment they can walk!

The Coaching Ball is made with a new 2 tone advanced hi-tech PU outer layer with a 4 layer backing (65% Polyester and 35% cotton). The bladder is made of latex with a butyl valve. It is hand sewn in a child labor free environment. The Coaching Ball has brightly colored patches (2 component durable ink printed) labeled with simple directions, such as “Strike”, “Loft”, and “Swerve”. The ball is placed on the floor and the relevant panel kicked according to the shot you require.

The Designer explains

The colored patches allow learners to identify the exact area of the football to strike in order to make the desired pass and is ideal for even the very young beginner”.

With pressure on parents to provide expensive training for their future soccer stars, the Coaching Ball is an inexpensive and effective tool to encourage children to develop their soccer ability. The Coaching Ball is proving successful with professional clubs, with Premiership clubs undertaking field trials of the ball.

Why wait? Give your young soccer player the competitive advantage he or she deserves. The Coaching ball is a perfect gift for soccer players of all ages!

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